Please introduce yourself.

I’m Katherine - I studied a Bachelor of Commerce/LLB, graduating in 2019, and currently am an analyst at Macquarie Capital in the Infrastructure & Energy Group.

Did you study economics during high school or tertiary education?

I studied economics in Year 11/12 in high school and did some further study as part of my Commerce degree in university. 

How has learning economics in high school assisted you in tertiary education and beyond? 

Learning economics helped spark my interest in finance and was the essential foundational knowledge I needed for my future studies of commerce and finance at university - given the economy’s ability to impact every aspect of our lives and businesses, my knowledge of economics has proved to be useful in my personal life and career-wise, in helping to understand the impact of the economy on the companies and projects I look at and the opportunities that the economic environment also creates.

Learning economics helped sparked my interest in finance and was the essential foundational knowledge

Could you please take us through your career path?

My first corporate experience was interning at Macquarie’s Risk Management Group, which involved analysing and reporting data to manage compliance risk. Whilst this experience confirmed my love of business and numbers, it made me realise I wanted a more dynamic, client-facing career that engaged my finance knowledge. Following this, I was able to further explore alternative career paths, interning in tax accounting and then real estate alternative capital - this experience really confirmed my love of finance and showed me the excitement of working on deals, which led me to pursue a career in investment banking. I then interned at Macquarie again but in its investment banking division, Macquarie Capital, where I found that it offered exactly what I was looking for in a career: finance-focussed, dynamic, challenging and meaningful.

Investment banking was finance-focussed, dynamic, challenging and meaningful

What interested you about investment banking?

I was attracted to investment banking because it gave me the opportunity to pursue my love of commerce, finance and economics and offered me an engaging, dynamic career where I would be able to work on challenging and exciting projects and add value. My career in infrastructure investment banking has been especially rewarding and meaningful so far as I have been lucky enough to work on a range of exciting and challenging projects that are enabling the financing and development of essential infrastructure to support our communities and economy.

Outside of work, what are some of the real world applications you’ve encountered where the content/skills you learnt from studying economics in high school helped you?

Having an understanding of economics has definitely been helpful in having a greater understanding of the world and the economy and enabled me to inform myself and develop my own opinion and outlook on a range of issues such as the economy, interest rate, real estate markets, financial markets and companies. Whilst this knowledge has proved generally useful, it has also helped me with more informed decision making when it came to my own personal finances. I’ve also found my understanding of behavioural economics useful in enabling more rational and better decision-making in my day-to-day life, such as knowing to ignore my sunk costs and assessing the marginal cost/benefit of a decision.

Economics has helped me with more informed decision making when it came to my own personal finances