From my experience, it seems that most people can be psyched out by just the MAGNITUDE of what you have to do to take HSC economics.

You need to write two essays, answer short answer questions, and not mess up the incredibly tricky multiple choice, all within 3 hours.

Now spare me, I know analogies can be cringey. But this was how I conceptualised economics in the HSC....

Like any capable sports team, you need a strategy for how you’re going to attack HSC economics so that you don’t spend time deliberating over meaningless ten-year old stats in the textbook and focus on the KEY INFO, TRENDS, and CONCEPTS and then get back to vibing!

My conceptualisation strategy

  1. Multiple choice: rinse and repeat, every question you can find (HSC exams, past papers from various schools....), save the questions you initially get wrong throughout the year in a folder on your laptop and review them before trials and the HSC. 
  1. Short answer: this is the tricky one because it requires breadth of knowledge and eloquence (hint: answering questions in eco is very different to any other subject). Past questions are important here but more important is diverting to part 3 of the strategy where you’re writing tonnes of practice essays which will allow you to conceptualise the entire syllabus + trends (instead of trying to read and write out notes while attempting to not fall asleep). 
  1. Essays: in my opinion, this is the most important part of your prep because it undergirds how you understand economics on a broad scale and influences your performance in the rest of the paper. Grab your syllabus and think of the one key essay you can get asked on each sub-topic (hint: most of them are the causes and effects of an economic issue and government policies to respond e.g. What is the cause of unemployment and its effects and what policies does the government implement to respond?). By the time of trials, try to have essay plans on every sub-topic filled with juicy stats, not just listed content. Try to also have written up practice essays on each of the 17 or so major essay questions you’ve come up with based on the syllabus (these should be written throughout the year so you’re not cramming and crying) and then get some feedback from your teachers on these essays so you know if there are any major stuff-ups. Once you’ve written all this content, congrats, most should be in your head even if you don’t realise it. Practice retention by dot-pointing out your essays and main stats (dw most are recycled between your essays).

Then just fit this into a banging daily schedule (here’s mine on a very ideal day!)

Best of luck year 12, we believe in you!