Even before year 12 began I knew there were not only going to be a few challenges with the HSC economics course, but also with my HSC economics experience in general. From the outset, my approach to the subject didn’t really mesh well with my teacher, and so I often found class time pointless and at times confusing or misleading. It was time to rethink my strategies for learning the course and to form an approach that would allow me to maximise my marks and potential in the course. 

Time management was also a key issue of mine, as I was involved in sport, co-curricular and had a leadership role at the school, so I knew some planning needed to take place. 

My Strategy

I chose to embrace the challenge of time management, and tackle it head on. I always thought to myself, sport and these other escapes from the mountain of HSC work were necessary for my own wellbeing and academic success but, if it got too much at any stage, I made sure I dialled it back. This was my method of maintaining balance. If there was a week where balance was out of whack and I wasn’t happy with my progress, I held myself accountable and made the necessary changes. 

I figured out, that if I could treat the short answers and essays as separate from the multi-choice section all together I could make some headway with the HSC economics challenge. 

For me, doing well in the essays and the short answer questions was understanding content, and having an extensive suite of real-world examples, statistics and relevant quotes. This strategy tackling the short answer and essay responses together was comprised of the following steps: 

Overall, I would say it’s best to keep these plans updated all year and to constantly review them in order to both familiarise yourself with the content as well as to make sure that they are of a high standard. 

The multi-choice section was really my Achilles heel as I found it the hardest. My approach was to familiarise myself with as many possible question styles as possible by completing as many past papers as possible. In doing so, I would familiarise myself with the styles and know how to approach them in the exam. This approach in conjunction with note taking allows will make sure your prepared for most of the questions they ask if not all.