Hi, I’m Natalie, a first-year Design and Media student at UNSW. Within Echo, I am a member of the Digital and Design Team, and my responsibilities involve developing and maintaining all the visual aspects of our organisation, as well as devising ways in which user experience can be improved. 

I graduated from Sydney Girls High School in 2019, where I studied English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Modern History, History Extension and Visual Arts. My interest was in the humanities, therefore I naturally decided to play to my strengths, and did not consider taking on the challenge of other subjects such as Economics. While I thoroughly enjoyed my Year 12 courses, it is unfortunate that my previous lack of interest in Economics meant that I became complacent with being economically and financially illiterate.  

In the short few months that I’ve worked with Echo, I’ve learnt so much, simply just from observing the team as they work diligently, driven by passion for both the subject, and for giving back to the community. I’ve discovered, through them, that economics is not just memorising graphs and statistics, but also, and perhaps more importantly, a way in which we can make sense of the world. 

While I don’t have any specific tips, exam techniques, or helpful insights for those studying HSC Economics, to younger high school students, I can offer this one piece of advice with certainty: understanding economics will inform the decisions you make in everyday life, so if your school offers such an invaluable opportunity, I strongly recommend that you take it.